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Hepatitis C Council of NSW


Pineapple Media Australia was commissioned by the Hepatitis C Council of NSW to produce a short documentary film about their world leading StreetShot Photographic Exhibition at Carriageworks in Sydney.

The photos on exhibition were taken by secondary school students and showed their perspective on the impact Hepatitis C can have on local communities around Australia.

The documentary film screened around Australia and was presented to the Federal Government as well as being selected to be screened at the International Drug and Alcohol Conference in Sheffield in the UK.


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Graeme Cowan

Green Zone Boost Series

The brainchild of international author, speaker and authority on Mental Health and Resilience, Graeme Cowan, the Green Zone Boost series encourages corporate Australia to take practical steps towards mental health in their workplace.

This 13 episode online series is a pivotal resource for addressing and improving mental health issues in the workplace.

We filmed this with Graeme Cowan over two days in a green screen studio.



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New South Wales Consumer Advisory Group

Mental Health Resource

Pineapple Media Australia was commissioned by the NSW Consumer Advisory Group to produce a short documentary series about the Mental Health Perceptions and Experiences of Services (MH-CoPES) Project.

The series was produced to help consumers and service providers in public adult mental health in NSW to work together and to improve the services provided.

The series introduced the MH-CoPES Framework to viewers, and focused on two aspects of Mental Health Services in NSW; the staff and the clients.


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